Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Seeing the wood from the trees

The British weather has been struggling to 'change modes'...Winter into Spring, after all, we are now in March. Officially, Spring begins on the March vernal equinox which falls on the 20th. In Scotland, some parts are still covered in a layer of snow. Down in the South East, the days have been bright but chilly, with day temperatures hovering around 4 - 8C.

I took my nephews to Richmond Park last weekend to cycle. It was a brilliant sunny day but the wind was blowing easterly, hence bitterly cold. There were so many people in the park, running, walking, cycling and just deer gawking. Yes, this is a Royal Park, and was once the hunting ground of the Monarchs. The deer here are protected today, and can be quite fierce, but by and large they leave us humans alone.

I was walking in amongst the trees and photographing the deadwood that so often abounds at this time of year, when the grass is still brown and dried, and the ground is sodden from the recent rain and snow. I love dead wood and trees. I love the texture of wood grain in the low slanting light especially in black and white.