Thursday, 14 June 2007

Tis the season to be wedded..!

The wedding season has begun, and I shot my first wedding this year last weekend in the charming Cotswold countryside. I am not a prolific wedding photographer, maybe squeezing 5 or 6 a year only. And of these I tend to cover events in London and the Home Counties. Firstly, congratulations to Andrew and Susie, who got hitched last weekend, and are now on their honeymoon in Greece sunning themselves for 2 whole weeks. The setting was fantastic, Lords of the Manor hotel grounds in Upper Slaughter, a string-quartet, classic car, village church, 80s style disco and karaoke, the full works!

The village church was a medieval Norman building of stone, and internally it was quite dark. I wasn't allowed to photograph during the ceremony at the altar, which is quite usual. However, I was allowed to do so from the back without flash. This was fine, but due to the low light levels, it was a challenge to keep a steady hand. Fortunately, my Canon 5D has excellent noise control at high ISOs.


J.T. said...

Do you have pictures of the village church? I would love to see it. I am fascinated with ancient buildings and ruins. Most of all - castles and churches. Just can't get enough of them. Oh yeah... and art. :)

svllee said...

Hi j.t., yes, i have a few only, will see if i can find any to show you here. You are in Europe right? Must have lots of old ruins there also, although I think Ireland and Scotland are famous for them.

J.T. said...

Yes, I am in Germany. Recently visited Rome/Vatican City. Seen some interesting spots around Germany. Enjoyed a 12-hour drive at one time from Saarbruecken, Germany all the way down to Toulouse, France going through Dijon, Lyon, Montpellier, etc.
I heard that Ireland and Scotland are famous for old ruins and I wait to visit those places someday. :)

YogaJess said...

I'm sure a professional photographer know what they are doing. Keep with the the good work. But I would demand more photos here!