Thursday, 23 August 2007

Lost in Translation ? Photo City Sagamihara 2007

  • アウトサイド・ルッキング・イン・クアラルンプール



2000年、写真集「Outside Looking in Kuala Lumpur」を発表。躍動的に発展を遂げるクアラルンプールの躍動感とともに、市内の中華街や街なかで繰り広げられる、住民の日常生活を克明に綴った A4版モノクロ写真集。Sympress社出版、Ee Sim Teo Machado共著。



Earlier this year, I received an email out of the blue from the organisers of Photo City Sagamihara, an annual photo festival held by the City of Sagamihara, Kanagawa prefecture, south of Tokyo. In it, it said that my work Outside Looking In - Kuala Lumpur (2000) was nominated and awarded the Asian prize in this year's festival to be held in October. I was asked if I could attend the Award presentation ceremony and also display 20 large prints from the series at the festival, in a concurrent photo-exhibition in the City Hall.

Initially, my disbelief took the better of me, and I did some background research into the festival (Wikipedia) and discovered some of the past notable Asian winners were from Vietnam and Thailand.

Well, several emails to and fro later with Kenji my contact from the organising committee, and having received my Visa to Japan in July, I will be off to Sagamihara to collect my first international award in October, and it will also be my first trip to the Land of the Rising Sun! I hope to blog about my trip and the experience later.


Tracy Tan said...

it must be exciting to be nominated and win a prize. congrats steven!

can take some photos of your photos and blog about them :)

japan would be an interesting country to visit. i will look forward to your experience there and of course your photos!!

ooh! i love japanese food too!!

lin said...

Congratulations to you Steven! Well deserved.

Any chance of seeing more of your work in your blog as I'm sure a lot of us enjoy seeing and admire good images?

Looking forward to your experience in Japan!