Saturday, 12 April 2008

Love is All You Need!

I was looking through my archive of 35mm black & white negatives the other day whilst preparing images for my forthcoming book titled 'MUSEO' (more later) and came across a few shots I took at the Abbey Road Studios wall in NW8, London in 2001.

The Beatles recorded many of their famous tunes here in the 60s and it has sort of a cult status to Beatles fans, especially during anniversaries and commemorative days.
29th November 2001 was the day ex-Beatle George Harrison died, aged 58, and the blog title photograph above show scribblings and writings on the studio walls by his fans from all over the world. It was a poignant day as I remembered, it was cold and wet, and the people that made the effort to be there was already a feat, let alone travelling from all over the globe.

There were little tribute flowers, only several bunches strewn on the pavement and snuggled in between the metal fence posts. It was the wall messages that people came for. To leave their personal message and to read the hundreds others left behind. To leave their little epitaph for the Beatle they loved, just a little 'Thank You for the music' or as the inscription on the yukelele (above) say 'Thanks George for switching us on'.

It wasn't however like the day that Princess Diana died, now that was something totally sublime, as far as national tragedies go.

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