Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Real Life Series : Anatomy of a Wedding Shoot : Part 1

Maria & Andy : Sunday 25th May

This Sunday, I have the fortunate opportunity to photograph the wedding ceremony and reception of a close friend, Andy (an fellow accomplished photographer) and his charming fiancee, Maria. The religious ceremony will be held at St Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral followed by the reception, a short walk away at the equally spectacular The Orangery at Kensington Palace. Both locations will offer a host of viewpoints and vantages for a truly memorable wedding for the couple.

I hope to post about the ins and outs on that day, from the viewpoint of a wedding photographer, the pitfalls to avoid and the preparatory steps that I will take to cover the event. Beginning, last weekend, I met with Charlotte the Events Manager at the Palace who very kindly showed me around the grounds and rooms that we could photograph in case of wet weather, which, having looked at the forecast today, is increasingly likely. Which is a shame as The Orangery has a fantastic ornamental lawn and sunken garden, and at this time of year, is truly an awesome venue outdoors.

I will be using a Canon 5D with just two lenses, a 24mm-105mm F4 and an 85mm F1.8 for head and shoulder portraits, plus a flashgun. Additionally, I will be carrying a small Ricoh GRD2 digicam for the really close group snaps.

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