Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Sarawak : Here we come!

This weekend sees the start of's series of World Photo Travel workshops, where Andy Craggs and myself will be taking a small group from Europe on a 10-Day photo-discovery tour to Sarawak and up-river to Batang Ai and onward to the Nanga Sumpa longhouse. We are travelling with Borneo Adventures, based in Kuching who are handling all our travel arrangements and guide.


silveraven said...

ooo! have a good time! :)

An-Nimr said...

wah...dont drink too much tuak...hehe...sounds fun this trip!

benjaminujang said...

how are you?
anyway, hows your trip to sarawak?
was it good?
drink a lot of TUAK?? hehe!

owh ya,
i've chat with rachael anne in facebook, and thank God she's understand iban..haha!