Friday, 20 July 2007

Being Gay Friendly

I just received an email from a Wedding site I list with, promoting my photography services, about The Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007 which came into force on 30 April 2007, and affects ALL wedding businesses. For more info, please visit The Pink Guide.

I summarise the Act as stated in the website :

"These regulations make it unlawful for a person concerned with the provision to the public of goods, facilities or services to discriminate against a person who seeks to use those goods, facilities or services on the grounds of the sexual orientation of that person.''

"Therefore, any difference between the services or goods offered for a marriage or a civil partnership may be in breach of the Regulations and liable to legal action.''

In other words, in my literature on my website or promotional materials, I can no longer use phrases like 'the bride and groom' but instead rephrase with 'the couple' and can no longer just provide services for heterosexual couples or gay couples, and must not discriminate through selective pricing either. I have not photographed a gay wedding yet but I look forward to my first booking soon!

(PS.The above photograph is available to order if anyone is interested!)


bunnywunny said...

Thanks for dropping by Steven, although I'm not sure if the "sharp writing" bit was referring to the photologue in Photomalaysia (which was authored by Rabani), or my actual posts :)

Oh incidentally, just the other day a girlfriend apprised me about a full-on lesbian wedding - in Malaysia! One where the bride was given away by her father no less. He said pithily, "I consider myself a pretty liberal man, but even this is testing the limits of my openness!"

Mind-boggling. Or should we say, Malaysia boleh?

zorro said...

Steve, I dont think you have to wait long to get your first gay wedding shot? Awaiting Malaysians....when will it be on our bookshelves?

svllee said...

Hi Zorro...thanks for visiting! It should be out early Sept if all's well.