Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Visual Stimulation

As a visual artist, visiting exhibitions and looking at printed works on paper is second to none in terms visual stimulation and gathering a visual vocabulary. I guess its the same for writers, or whatever ones vocation is. Once in awhile, there is an exhibition that catches my attention and is worth mentioning. Tate Britain is currently showing HOW WE ARE : PHOTOGRAPHING BRITAIN

I managed to spend a couple of hours there this week and was surprised by the breadth of material the curators have gathered in this exhibition. I quote their promo blurb :

''The images in this exhibition have come from the length and breadth of the UK, and include well-known oeuvres alongside mesmerising lost masterpieces. As well as famous names – William Henry Fox Talbot, Lewis Carroll, Julia Margaret Cameron, Bill Brandt, Madame Yevonde, Susan Lipper, David Bailey and Tom Hunter among them – the exhibition includes postcards, family albums, medical photographs, propaganda and social documents. It includes work by many women photographers and photographers from different cultural backgrounds who are usually underplayed in the history of British photography.

Ultimately, this is a treasure trove for any one who loves photography, and presents the extraordinary variety, breadth and idiosyncratic nature of one-and-a-half centuries of image making. ''

Its interesting to note that the public can also upload their own images via Flickr to add to the exhibition, a first, I believe using an interactive web-based photo-sharing community as part of a major exhibition.

More to follow..


Yang-May said...

This sounds like a great exhibition. I'm going to try and catch it if I can. And what fun to have an interactive element!

svllee said...

Hi Yang-May, yes, its well worth a visit with many interesting images of past times.

elviza said...

Dear Svllee,

I love the pictures in your blog. I look forward for more. Take care

svllee said...

Hello Elviza, nice of you to drop by. I also frequent your blog! Keep up the great writing.