Wednesday, 26 December 2007

For Tamako


Honey said...

Form and the shadow of the bench are very interesting.
It looks like the other things which are not benchs when I stare.
A mysterious photograph.
Thank you!

svllee said...

Thanks, these are benches outside the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. I find the Victorian metalwork and the grain of the wood very textural. I like how the texture of the stained stonework complements the woodgrain in black and white. Perhaps you were drawn to the shape and form when you photographed your benches also?

v9 said...

Happy New Year. Finally got hold of 'Malaysians'. I didn't realise there are so many faces in Malaysia. Now I know where Zorro got his postmark picture avatar. Hahaha...did you collect copyright fees from him? Only kidding. Enjoy your first of 2008. I will be showing your collections to my friends. Bye.

svllee said...

Happy New Year to you v9! and thanks again for your support. I hope you enjoy MALAYSIANS, don't just glance through the faces, but look into their eyes, and you will see another book..