Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas

(Click image to enlarge)

I was out walking with the GRD2 the other day in Hyde Park and came across the Winter Wonderland fair that is taking place there. There were so many people with their families and friends. There was an Ice Tent, a Christmas market (selling reindeer hide, sweeties, German sausages, candles, dolls etc), outdoor ice rink, Haunted House ride, carousel and a big ferris wheel, Santa's Grotto, a Pimms Igloo (with free Pimms!), a bungy-dome and more..!

I couldn't find a suitable scene to point my camera at, however. It was visual noise for me at that moment.

I continued walking past the fair and noticed in the hedge along the pathway, there were some small white flowers that were blooming in the shrubbery despite being winter, and they were magnificent. The scene caught my eye immediately and I made a photograph of it. I hope you like it.


She's Jess said...

Christmas greetings to you!

svllee said...

Hello Jess, thanks for visiting! Happy Christmas to you too. You have an interesting blog.!