Thursday, 7 February 2008

Kong Hee Fatt Choy 2008!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Golden Rat to all my readers!


Rocky's Bru said...

Happy New Year mate!

Tracy Tan said...

xin nian kuai le! can't wait to see your pictures of the Chinese New Year celebrations in London.

Luz Osorio said...

It seems you had a great time skiing!!I love the picture of the benches on the snow!!
I can wait to see the rest of them!

Cakeater said...

Je vous souhaite une bonne annee!
I went to the Nikon Salon today.
I enjoyed much about your excellent pictures.
I took some pictures and have uploaded them in my blog.
It's a good exhibition. I will visit there again next Sunday.

svllee said...

Hi Rocky, Tracy and Luz, thanks for your wishes!

Cakeater! Arigato! I will look at your blog and thanks so much for visiting the exhibition in Tokyo. Can I copy the photographs from your blogsite? I will put a link to it as well.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Hi. Came over from Zewt's blog. Is your book being sold in KL? Would like to pick one up. Will be taking my time savouring your blog. You take care.

svllee said...

Hello Alan, thanks for visiting! You are most welcome! Yes, the book is available in KL, try the larger MPH stores in Bangsar Village or Midvalley, although Kino and Borders should also have it, you may have to ask at the respective info desk if you don't see it on the shelfs ..grrr.. anyway it should be under Malaysiana section otherwise. Overseas, I do mail order also.

So I see you are a pastry chef! Wunderbar!

Mandeep Gill said...

Hi. From Zewt's page too. I read up about you. I think i just fell in love with that book of yours. Any chance its selling in Indonesia? Jakarta? Otherwise i'll just buy it when i go home when school's out.

Happy Chinese New Year

svllee said...

Hello Mandeep

Thank ever so much for visiting, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately its not available in Indonesia (yet!?) only in Malaysia and Singapore, and direct mail order from me. You can order by post also if you wish. Pls visit MPH, Borders or Kino in KL, the larger stores have the better stocks. I ahve some signed copies at my mum's house in PJ if you don;t mind picking it up directly though..

Cakeater=hisamtoris said...

Salut, svllee.

I'm proud of myself, if you would copy my pictures. Thank you.

There is nobody from the Sagamihara Photography Festival in the Nikon Salon.
I was advised by a woman of the Nikon Plaza that I could take pictures freely without taking the visitors clearly.
So in the no-man's-land between copyright and right of likeness, I took those pictures.

svllee said...

To Sustena, sorry I lost your comment today, don't know what happened?! Thank you for visiting the Nikon salon exhibition and enjoying my photos. I hope to able to comment on your blog too one day.