Monday, 11 February 2008

London welcomes The Year of the Rat!

Last Sunday, Central London played host to a huge Chinese New Year celebration in the West End. From Trafalgar Square to Soho and the area around Chinatown, hundreds of thousands of visitors were treated to a variety of cultural events, parades, lion dances, food stalls, martial arts and music.

Several 'Choi Sun Yehs' or Prosperity Gods strolled around the crowded streets handing out red packets of ang pows with 20p in them, yeah, I got one too!

In Leicester Square, firecrackers and fireworks were set off every hour from 2pm to 6 pm, and boy, were they awesome. There were about 50 of those huge firecrackers about 3 meters long strung up around the square and lit simultaneously!

Gerrard Street was strung up with hundreds of red lanterns and restaurants were all open and full to the bursting, with queues lining up outside, it was an incredible sight.

Over at Trafalgar Square, thousands were watching giant TV screens showing live cultural performances on a stage. It was one of the biggest Chinese New Year celebration for London this year, and hope this Year of the Rat brings you great luck and joy!

It was quite a surreal sight to see so many red lanterns decorating the perimeter of this historic venue, with Nelson's Column as the centre piece of it all. The presenter on stage got everyone in the crowd to shout out Kong Hee Fatt Choy ! (still Canto here in UK) three times at the top of their voices, it was incredible!


Anonymous said...

I like your skiing photos. Black and whites snow pics are always great. HH-D

benjaminujang said...

dude, when are you goin back to malaysia..?

still waiting for you to sign the "MALAYSIAN" book hahaha!

Alvin Lim said...

aiks, din know london is so happening during CNY. hahah. i only know it's very 'dead' during xmas