Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Doom or Bloom?

Yesterday's headline makes chilling reading, and this credit crunch situation which started when US banks took on high risk housing debts over cheap loans have been sending shock-waves across the global financial world. Several banks in Europe and UK have been 'saved' by their governments, ie. tax payers monies. Yes, mine and yours.

All is not lost however, some sectors like the food and communication industries are actually in profit, and of course, the petroleum industry. As I post this, we await what tomorrow's headline will bring, and the world's attention will be focused on news from America, where the lawmakers arms are being twisted again to agree with what the President has outlined in his USD700 billion 'saving' strategy.

I wonder how much is Iraq and Afghanistan still costing US tax payers today.


Malaysian Tigress said...

The US will collapse unto itself, meh!

Wah...velly nice blog....

Jammy said...

About US$4bn a day I reckon?

Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steven
Thanks for visiting my blog. You're photos are amazing! Really beautiful work.

Market despair in most of the Malaysian newspaper.Spooked investors cause markets to tumble around the world.

Malaysian Tigress said...

Hey, doin' a borneo shoot soon? sounds fun!

Malaysian Tigress said... wedding shoots make me wanna get married soon...hahaha

svllee said...

Hi Jammy, thank you for your visit and comment. You have a nice blog too!


svllee said...

Hi Visuallens, thanks for your comment, please do come back from time to time..!


svllee said...

hello Tigress, you should get married again,..can what now? I'll cover your wedding..

Malaysian Tigress said...

Wedding candidate!!!!

Malaysian Tigress said... be able to afford your airfare and pro fees...I would have to marry a rich sod (preferably like the one Anna Nicole Smith did...)

Hah...never will I lay my neck on the chopping board again, meh...I think I will stick to looking at the pics you take of OTHERS putting their neck on the board...hahaha

svllee said...

Tigress, rich sod it is.... Lots in UAE, Dubai...even in KL!

ankush vimawala said...

hi Steven,
sorry to hear that my email to you didnt make it, i sent you one again, hopefully it works this time.
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Zawi said...

Heard from a friend in Dubai that many cases of suicide happening in USA due to the economic turmoil. Heard anything like that over yonder?