Friday, 28 November 2008

At last! Real anti-static cabin blankets.

I had the good fortune to fly the new Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 back to London last weekend and boy, this is a beaut of an aircraft. The attention to detail of the crew was almost impeccable and the inflight grub was also decent. No more 'cattle' class but 'fat-cattles' more like it. I found the space was also generous in economy and the cabin bright and airy, as can be seen in the shot here. The wings are huge and they dip at the tips at rest state. In the air, you notice the tips, due to the huge lift they generate. One thing's for sure, the aircraft is very quiet on take off and during flight, no more than a low 'hum' sound.

In front of each passenger is a huge (by current standards) personal video screen of about 7 inches, which has a narrow angle of view so your neighbour will not be able to see what you are watching. The interactive movie and music selection is enhanced by USB, RCA jack connections and power chargers on each seat. Bravo to KrisWorld inflight entertainment for a comprehensive 'on demand' selection of Hollywood and local titles.

The console remote control is now not annoyingly attached to your armrest but underneath the screen, and is therefore more accessible. The fold out tray has a 'vehicle' style slide-open vanity mirror, I guess to check your hairstyle before disembarking the craft. And, for me, the best piece of news is that the cabin blankets (designed by Givenchy, like the cabin crew's costumes) are truly anti-static.


Malaysian Tigress said...

Wow, really nice. doesnt look as claustrophobic. are the seats bigger?

svllee said...

The seats are ever so slightly bigger, I think. The video screen is definitely larger!