Thursday, 13 November 2008

Slinging it in Singapore (1)

I am spending a few days down south in (not so) sunny Singapore, visiting some local photographers ( more later) and friends, and also trying to catch a couple of exhibitions at the tail end of the SIPF event. So far so good. Singapore always surprises me, in the scale of the City, its efficiency, and the energy of the people.

Things happen here and only for the sake of the greater good. I managed to grab some night shots on my way back to the hotel after dinner and drinks at Bugis with Deanna Ng and John Heng, two local full time practitioners who shared a good conversation about the local photography scene. Earlier I visited Objectifs, a centre for photography and filmaking and met with Emmeline Yong, one of the founders of the outfit and grabbed chee cheong fun with them.

One cannot help but to compare Singapore with Malaysia, the food, transportation, the cost of living etc..One thing is for sure, is that the City runs on a different pulse to KL. KL is frenetic, but feels like its suffering from an arterial blockage, the Lion City, its just as busy and crowded,..but there is a constant rush to get somewhere, not unlike Tokyo. The arteries are clear. The sluggish, 'laid back-ness' (?) is missing. Mind you, I'm pretty laid back, so strolling along the wide pathways seems like a slo-mo clip in real time.

Oh, the rain is the same here, just as torrential and electrifying.(.more to come..)


Anonymous said...

Your being there at the civic centre last night should give you an insight of what us msians wants so badly for malaysia, a country that works for the people and not against. There are so many wrongs that needs to be corrected and we, the people, who are a patient lot, are taking steps to at least try to achieve that objective.

Regards, T-shirt peddler

svllee said...

Hey T-shirt peddler in fancy car..thanks for dropping by..please be a regular!



Malaysian Tigress said... have been goin' around I trip back! Like Deanna's work..nice!