Saturday, 24 January 2009

Estrella - Stay

Just came across a local indie pop group called Estrella over at Susan Loone's blog, and watched the video of their current single, Stay which I think deserves some recognition! Will check out their first album when I get back to Malaysia.


maRie said...

Just received notice of this a couple days ago, thought you might be interested perhaps?!



Kugiran Negara ke United Kingdom Enterprise (KNUKE) proudly presents:

Estrella and Seven Collar T-Shirt

Live in LONDON

supporting bands:

Johann - -

One of the best upcoming musician in London!!

Johann has worked with Daniel Bedingfield, Andy Abraham, Jason Orange (of Take That), Matt Redman, Doug Walker, Julian Perretta, Leee John and many more

Date:29th March 2009
Venue: The Venue, ULU (
Time: tbc
Entrance Fee: tbc
Type of show: Electric

Will update the necessaries ASAP. In the mean time please spread the love and invite all your friends!

For more updates check out

svllee said...

hi Marie, txs for the heads up! Too bad I will be in KL at the time. Lots to sort out for the klphoto thingy,..are you submitting?