Monday, 26 January 2009

Year of The Ox! No Bull..

Well, its Chinese New Year today, and its meant to be a tough year ahead for most of us from what you read in the media reports. I was in Chinatown on Sunday to buy some 'kum' or mandarins, a must for the celebrations. The ones you get from the supermarkets are tiny compared to those on offer from Chinatown. It seemed like everyone had the same idea, the oriental supermarkets were bursting to the seams, there were queues inside the stores not unlike those seen at Wimbledon on Men's Semifinals day! Unbelievable! It was literally snaking around the aisles, about 100 people in front of me., all for a crate (heavy) of kums. Well, Margy, my other half was smarter. Since the crates of fruit were displayed outside on the pavement, she asked the delivery man, an Indian gentlemen, and was told that she could pay him instead! There you go..

Man they were delicious and sweet,..the easy peel variety with green leaves still intact.


An-Nimr said...

Women are always smarter lah!

Happy CNY!

svllee said..., not always..

Tracy Tan said...

Happy Niu Year Steven!

svllee said...

Happy New Year Tracy! Hope you are getting lots of chow time..!