Monday, 30 March 2009

Back in KL

KL Raw!

I have not posted since a couple of weeks as I have been busy, busy sorting out the KL Photoawards 2009 since the closing date of 1 March. I have shot very little also, mainly due to the fact that I had a slight injury to my toe and thus have been limping everywhere the last 10 days or so. Luckily, I can still drive, so getting around is no problem, its just that I have to wear flip flops, and the recovering bruise of the left knee hurts like hell.

Last Sunday past, I managed to wander a little around my favourite part of KL, that is the streets around Central Market. On a Sunday, these streets are full of immigrant workers hanging out, in video stores, groceries, chatting and just meeting their colleagues. Nepalese and Bangladeshis mix openly with Chinese mobile phone sellers. I grabbed this photo of a man happily selling fresh (!) cuts of lean beef by the kilos right on the sidewalk. It was an amazing sight, not unusual perhaps in Bangladesh, China or India, but especially in KL.

Now, about the KL Photoawards 2009. What a fantastic range of entries we received! As an inaugural contest launched, unfortunately in the midst of a global recession, we did well to garner 500+ entries from all over the world. The judges had a tough time making the final cut of 46 finalists. Please visit to view and vote your People's Choice portrait.


teohjitkhiam said...

Welcome Back, Steven.

svllee said...

Hello Jit Khiam, welcome to my blog! Hey you are the guy in my PM post! How are you?

teohjitkhiam said...

I'm fine, thank you. And yes, I am a member at PM. We've met before, actually, although I don't think you'll recall me. You had that Sigma PnS, I remember.

svllee said...

Hmmm... Ricoh you mean? Not sure where though. Do enlighten me!

teohjitkhiam said...

Bloggers' party last year at Damansara. Ricoh, is it? Sorry, I was fixated with the Foveon sensor! Once a gear-head, always a gear-head! I was using the E-500 then. BTW, an opinion, please.

Is it worth push-processing Fuji Superia 200 by a stop? Getting a kit lens 35mm @ f/3.5 and will most probably be doing a bit of low light shots and was just wondering. Your thoughts.

svllee said...

Oh yes! Blog House do. You were covering the event? Yes?

Am not so sure about pushing colour negative film unless you have a processing lab that can compensate for you. From past experience using Fuji film one stop is fine it has good latitude being a consumer type film anyway. Why don't you try the higher speed Fuji 800 instead?

An-Nimr said...

Aiyo, all the photographers' lingo...makes me feel so illiterate...heheh

Oh, didnt know you injured your knee, you really stubbed that toe eh? such a small piece of us can cause so much misery...hehe...poor Steven!

my daughter fell on her arm yesterday, had to go for some physio, better today...lucky my uncle owns a physio center (but i still pay la...heheh) and she also injured her finger playing netball (the fanatic mums frenzied their kids!)...have to go for more treatment today.

hope your flu is better...maybe we can make it wednesday! or thurs morn!

benjaminujang said...

i thought that was a pig head!

anyway, i can get a very cheap price for pig head here in semenanjung compare to in sarawak, for one pig head the price is RM45 could be higher when it came to Hari Gawai, here, i can't get one pig head for RM 0.50 and the funny thing is, this chinesse mobile phone sellers as you mentioned, now they sell it RM5 for one head,

oh well,
the blame is on us because we know they are born with the business minded, you get what i mean right hehe...

svllee said...

Hi Benjamin, are you still in Sarawak? I will be in Kuching in 3 wks time.