Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Who Speaks for You? : FREEDOM FILM FEST Retrospective in LONDON!!

4 x 30 : Spread the Word

The KOMAS team are bringing 4 of their award-winning documentary shorts to London on the 28th March at The Garden Court Chambers in Lincoln Inns Fields. This is a retrospective showing of their highly successful roadshow in Malaysia 2008 showing 30-minute documentaries on various aspects of human rights, social injustices and prejudices in the nation, made in 2004 - 8. Tickets at £5 are available at : http://freedomfilmfestlondon.blogspot.com
Go watch some of the brightest documentary filmmakers in Malaysia today and their works, you will be amazed.

The film schedule is below :

Democratic Space

No Damn Right
by Anna Har

Pilihanraya Umum Ke-12 (The 12th General Elections)
By Abror Rivai

12:00noon Activism and the British Connection
Penusah Tana (The Forgotten Struggle)
by Hilary Chiew, Chi Too

Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka (Ten Years Before Independence)
By Fahmi Reza

1:45pm Minority Groups and the Authorities
Rainy Days
by Rajan Paramesran

The Invisible Children
by Hariati Azizan

Kopi-O Khau Kurang Manis (Strong Black Coffee, not too sweet)
by Andrew Sia

3:45pm Prescribed Development
Binatang Pun Perlu Tanah (Even animals need land)
by Anna Har

Twelve 11
by Claudia Theophilus, et.al

Alice lives here
by ReelPower


-f-l-o- said...

£5 for award winning docmentaries? You can never beat that! Would love to show my support but I will be striving Scotland's confused weather still.

Any other way for me to check those documentaries out?

svllee said...

Hi f-l-o,

Not sure how. Perhaps they have a DVD for sale. Will look into it. Txs for dropping by. Has Spring not spring in Scotland yet?

maRie said...

hey f-l-o,

just chippin' in w/ some info here:

DVDs of Freedom Film Fests from 2008, 2007 & 2006 are available for sale, individually or as a set, I believe.

You'll want to contact komaslondon(at)gmail.com to get details on how to get them tho! :o)