Tuesday, 26 May 2009

3 amazing people..

Whilst in Malaysia, I had the opportunity to photograph three simply amazing people, by chance.

Yvonne Foong 23, suffers from NF or neurofibromatosis Type 2, where benign tumours grow from her spine and in her brain, thus affecting her hearing and sight. Since 2002 she has has over 8 major surgeries to remove tumours in her spinal cord, and brain. She has published books and printed t-shirts, gave numerous talks and attended functions to raise money to pay for her surgeries in America. Yvonne has just completed the latest round of open brain surgery in May and will be seeking fund for another in 6 months time. Read her blog at www.yvonnefoong.com In my mind, she is one tough cookie! I bought a t-shirt.

January Low is what most consider 'gifted'. A child prodigy of sorts in the dance field. She is Ramli Ibrahim's protege for some 15 years, specialising in Indian Classical dance with the Sutra group. I met January in Singapore briefly over ice-tea by the Singapore Art Museum recently and got a few shots. She will be beginning a 6-month stint with a modern dance theater in South Korea soon, finally breaking off from Sutra to discover new realms in dance.

A meeting with Nathaniel Tan was purely by chance. He turned up as a visitor at the KL Photoawards 2009 finalists exhibition at The Annexe Gallery. I made an introduction as I recognised him and chatted briefly. Found out that he is into portraits as well and really liked the entries. Nat as his is more popularly known, runs a blog www.jelas.info

He is an activist, been ISA'd and a Harvard graduate. Read his blog.


Anonymous said...

Yvonne is truly one of those rare 'fighters", that needs those extra helping hands and not "handouts", if we all had that type of tenacity for life this world would truly be a much better place than it is right now.

svllee said...
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