Monday, 18 May 2009

Who's Who at the KL Photoawards 2009 Awards Evening

Here are a few snaps taken by Lim Li Ling on the special evening of the 7th May 2009 at The Annexe Gallery :

(Carlo Gianferro is the 2nd Prize Professional Winner, but unfortunately he cannot be with us on the day)

Amilin Kassim : Proud Finalist

Wendy Chui, Alecia Neo and Sarah Lim

Me! with Yee Dih Yang, Nikt Wong,Wendy Chui, Alecia Neo, Sarah Lim and Soraya Yusof Talismail

Sarah Lim and Soraya Yusof Talismail

Nikt Wong, 1st Prize Professional

Yee Dih Yang, 3rd Prize Professional

Alecia Neo, Singapore : 3rd Prize Non-Professional

Wendy Chui, Singapore : 2nd Prize Non-Professional

Sarah Lim, 1st Prize Non-Professional


ted461009 said...

Dear Steven,
My name is Mr Pilis Julin. I am a Bidayuh from Kuching, Sarawak. I stumbled upon your blog just now and I am quite amazed and said to myself; "Hey! This man is into photography!and he likes Sarawak!". You see, sir. I like photography too and I found it very interesting since I was a little kid. Now I am working as a primary school teacher and still have the love for photography. However, I'm not a pro. I just love shooting with my Canon 400D!And if it is not too much, I'd love to get some advice about photography from you in the future. In the meantime, I'd like to share some of my photos with you. You can check them out at;
Btw, sir, I have added your blog to my list. Tq.

svllee said...

Dear Pilis, thank you for your visit. You have great macro shots!

MR SANUH ak SANUH said...

Steven, sir! I'd like to ask u for some tips. As you could see in my shots, I do really love capturing moving objects like animals, insects or people. I also love taking close shots. My question is what type of lense that I can use for taking close shots..yunno..until we can see the hairs on a bee's legs! and btw, my left hand is always unstable when holding the heavy canon. Sometime I could not focus! Any tip?

reanaclaire said... name is claire ..came to know about your blog via Yvonne Foong's blog when she mentioned u visiting her and taking her picture...
I dont know much about photography.. aim of coming by is to say hi and sending my warm greetings from IPOH...

svllee said...

Hi Claire! Welcome to my photo blog or phlog. Yvonne is a magnificent person and she has captured my attention a great deal. Perhaps you will take up photography one day and use images as well as words on your blog!

Regards to Ipoh from a hot hot hot KL!

svllee said...

Dear Pilis, if you like macro images youmust invest in a real macro lens and a steady tripod.

-f-l-o- said...

Thanks for the coverage, Steve! I was wondering on how the event turned out. Seemed great to me! Wish to have a closer look on the winners' photos though, any website that I can look at for those?

Btw, I am running for Edinburgh Marathon on the behalf of my charity of choice The Breast Cancer Care Scotland on 31st May (Sunday). Come up north if you have the time, it would be a great day for everyone.

P/s If you're willing to sponsor, my page is Keep up the good work, Steve!

svllee said...

hi Flo, nice to hear from you. Yes, the Awards went real well and now preparing for 2010! You can see the finalists at

Sure, will sponsor you run or is it jog? I am still in KL this weekend, but you have good ol time up there!

-f-l-o- said...

Blimey you are in Msia indeed! Green with envy.

I am running the full 42km marathon - good luck to me - hopefully both running and jogging throughout the course. I'm not trying to beat anybody's time, just hoping to survive but it would be great to finish at my own time (say, 5 hours? heh heh).

You are in Msia in the best possible time, it's Gawai festival back in Sarawak, lots of colours involved, would be brilliant for your photography. Have fun with your mini adventure and showing off Msia to your foreign friends! :)

svllee said...

Not really, should have been flying back to UK this morningm but came down with tonsilitis and fever so didin;t want to 'play, play' the HK airport authorities (flying CX) since they are ever so hot in catching people with raised temps! Booked for next Weds earliests, can you imagine, flights are full! Talk about recession..

Tha's a great looking cabrio i see you in..?! What is it, Peugeot?

-f-l-o- said...

Alamak. Yes, I am familiar with HK and their temperature scanner. You're making a right call. Flights are full because everyone wants to be somewhere else for summer, unlike me, stuck up north.

Good eyes on the Peugeot cabrio. Not even mine. Rented it last summer for my 9 days road trip around the west coast, up north and east coast of Scotland in August. Perfect weather, some pictures are in my flickr -

THANKS A LOT for your sponsorship. It means so much to the charity and should (mentally) help me to fuel up a bit during the running day. :P

P/s Just saw the KL photo awards photos, they're so much better than I expected. Personally loved 'Granpa in his second childhood'. Congrats to all who participated!

svllee said...

Hi flo, (is that your real name?) Spotted the Peugeot because of its steeply angled backside!

I was also surprised by the standard of entries too. Txs for sharing your flickr pics, aiyo,.lots of neck strain lah..shooting upwards at tall buildings syndrome..(sorry, he says, not wanting to criticise). So you an oil (wo)man from figures..

Sponsorship? You're welcome! Anything for cancer causes..(you'd better finish the course) Please post your time.