Monday, 21 September 2009

Beauty and the Beast : Backstage at London Fashion Week

High Fashion always intrigues me, and this year, I attended Ashley Isham's show on the first day of London Fashion Week at the OnOff Venue in The Strand, where I managed to get access backstage.

The amount of preparation that goes into a 10-minute catwalk extravaganza is simply quite astounding. A feat comparable to an 8-second dance of mechanics around an F1 car in a pitstop. The number of people that attend to primping up a model from an anonymous street creature into a radiant 'haute-couture' Lolita is about 10, I can say. There's the hair stylist, assistant, nail woman, dresser, dress coordinator, shoes, make-up artist and the list goes on, not forgetting of course, the designer extraordinaire. Along with the sprinkling of journalists, photographers, videographers, caterers, its no wonder, its a circus. Perhaps there's a lion tamer in all that somewhere. There were certainly no clowns. The show was filled to the brim with guests including Michelle from Destiny's Child and a few 'regular' oddballs in designer drag.

For a video of the show, please go to


Mizzsharon said...

Cool pics =)
I have nv been to a "Proper seating" fashion show let alone having a bkstage pass. Anyway keep up the GJ =)

svllee said...

Hi Mizzsharon, thank you for your visit and comment. LFW is an annual event that I have covering on and off for a couple of designers. Its fun when yo are not shooting for a deadline, otherwise it becomes tedious.

Kak Teh said...

steven, love the pix - i have lots of fuzzy ones. hehe - that leggy one , i really like! I will post mine once my article is published. Attended one more after bernard chandran's. Was backstage at twelve8twentyfour (or something like that) but didnt wait for the fashion show. Like we discussed - no buzz anymore . Oh my column on LFW s out in NST today.

Pak Zawi said...

The models are really skinny like Kak Teh's description. They must be starving themselves to attain such a size.
Great pics from the master himself.