Saturday, 10 November 2007

In solidarity with the Yellow March today

Saturday 10th November is the day when thousands of ordinary citizens of Malaysia are gathering for a peaceful march in Kuala Lumpur to present a petition to the King to establish free, clean and fair elections. Somehow, I figure the event will be thwarted by the police and FRU men, on the basis that the march is illegal as no permit had been given. The organisers, BERSIH thinks otherwise and have organised watchers throughout the march. I shall be there in spirit.

Let's hope the yellow march won't turn into a sea of red, and a successful outcome for all concerned citizens.


§pinzer said...

Hi Steven,

I'm glad you found my post helpful! Where are you based at? And wow, I think i'm going to have a fun time checking out your sites :)

take care for the moment, then =)

§pinzer said...

hope you caught the news from all around the world! check my blog for links to apolitical writers excluding jeff's :P

svllee said...

Thanks Chris, yes, I am aware of the other blogs. I am in London.