Saturday, 3 November 2007

Hello from Penang..!

Managed to grab a couple of days in Penang after the book launch and press interviews in KL last week. It was a pleasant change to congested KL, although Penang is not exactly car-free either.

Did you know we have our own Malaysian Baywatch tower in Batu Ferringi! Complete with polo-shirt donned lifeguards with binoculars, but no Hasselhof or Pam Anderson lookalikes sadly.

Impressive isn't it! Why they name it Baywatch I really don't know, Ferringi Beach is not a bay as far as I know. I delivered some books to Teresa at Edelweiss Cafe in Lebuh Armenian, in Georgetown for her to distribute to several friends and tasted her top hats (below) which was a pleasant change from KL mamak stall food which I was eating the whole of last week! Do pay her a visit, for her German bratwurst and Swiss cheese fondue dishes!


maria said...

is it first Baywatch as well in Malaysia? the Baywatch looks great

Kew said...

If I Open a photo gallery in Penang, would you come?

svllee said...

Hello Kew, thanks for dropping by. I am now back in London., but hey, sure I am open to proposals always! and I love Penang.

svllee said...

Hi Maria, thanks for visiting. Yes, odd to have a Baywatch tower here in Penang, not much sea-activities but may become busy on public holidays and weekenders on jet-skis. Melbourne sounds like a better place!

Tracy Tan said...

hi! hi! i haven't been here much because you haven't either :) i know you've been busy with your book launch and i really wished i was back in KL to have met you and your wife :)

i will try to get my hands on the book somehow!

thanks for always dropping in on my blogs - really appreciate it!

and the pai tee looks delicious :)