Friday, 18 January 2008

Coincidental friends..!

Konichiwa! from London

Honey and Cakeater, my prolific Japanese diarist blogger friends seem to have a 'following' here in London, more precisely, in Wandsworth town where I live close to. A new patisserie and cafe just opened up with an unusual and coincidental name of Honey Cake! The amusing thing is that Honey and Cakeater both blog a lot about food too! Do check out their blogs for unbelievably mouth-watering Japanese dishes.

How strange can this be, when I see those big red words everyday I drive past this road! Will go and check out the offerings there soon. This photo was taken by my mobilephone camera, a 2 year old Sony Ericsson, from my stationary car at the traffic lights.


Anonymous said...

OH, what a splended day today is for me.
Today, the gurd work got off very early and I could have a long walk from the Nishiogi to Asagaya for four hours.
In the midway, at Ogikubo, I stopped in an camera goods shop to find the best price of GX100. I got it! After then I walked back home to enjoy my new camera. The battery is the same as the one for Caplio R 5. So I could use GX-100 as soon as I paid it.
And in this evening I found your message in my blog to be surprised greatly and happily for your favor.
Thank you very much!
Please admit me to add your URL in my book marks.
The first shot of new camera is a picture of Kabayaki-grilled eel.

svllee said...

Hello cakeater, congratulations on owning the GX100, look forward to seeing your photographs by it.

Yes, you can add my blog url on your website. No problems!

Anonymous said...


Ha,ha~ (^0^)

I want to eat the cake,
and want to take a picture of it.