Thursday, 10 January 2008

Nikon Salon : Tokyo Exhibition

The photographs by the Professional Award winners of the 2007 Photo City Sagamihara Image Festival will be exhibited at the Nikon Salon in Tokyo from the 5 ~ 18 February 2008.

I would love to be able to attend the exhibition as my series of photographs from Outside Looking In : Kuala Lumpur will be amongst the display at the Nikon Salon bis, a public gallery at the Nikon Plaza in downtown Shinjuku, however, it may not be possible this time, perhaps I will make another trip soon.

For my Japanese visitors, please do try to visit the exhibition as I think the works by the overall Winner, Hiroshi Watanabe titled ''I See Angels Everyday'' strikes a particular chord in me.

His winning works comprise large format square black & white photographs depicting portraits of inmates from a run down leprosy hospital in Quito, Ecuador, including everyday objects, photographed with extreme compassion and stark beauty.

The Award winners are :


Hiroshi Watanabe
渡邉 博史(ワタナベ ヒロシ)
1951年札幌市生まれ。75年日本大学芸術学部写真学科を卒業後、米国ロサンゼルスに移住。テレビコマーシャル制作の仕事につく。93年UCLA(カリ フォルニア州立大学)でMBA修士号を修得。95年ごろから個人的な作品を撮り始める。2000年本格的に写真に取り組み、ファインアート写真家として活 動を始め、以来アメリカ国内で多数の個展を行う。作品はフィラデルフィア美術館、ヒューストン美術館、ジョージ・イーストマン・ハウス、サンタバーバラ美 術館などでコレクションされている。06年フォトルーシダからクリティカル・マス賞を受ける。

Steven V-L Lee(スティーヴン・リー)
1964年マレーシア・クアラルンプール生まれ。肖像や旅の撮影を中心に活動。フランス(パリ)、トルコ、ベトナムやシンガポールで撮影した写真と旅行記 を企業の社内誌に掲載する仕事をきっかけに写真家への道を進む。現在は肖像やイベント写真(ファッションや編集用)を専門とする。英国・ロンドン在住。

Hiroshi Aoki
青木 弘(アオキ ヒロシ)

中田 聡一郎(ナカタ ソウイチロウ)
Akira Nakada Ichiro


KY said...


Tracy Tan said...

yes! another award - congrats.

i love B&Ws. I have been trying that function on my compact :) very amateur lah!

now wish i could read japanese so that i can understand!

svllee said...

Hi Trace, not another award, the same but my pictures are being exhibited in Tokyo in Feb! Hait!

-f-l-o- said...

Hi Steve,

Just found out about your work and books from words of mouth. Might want to get 'Malaysians' and others for my personal collection. Keep up the good work.

An intrigued Iban woman in Scotland,

svllee said...

Hi Flo, good to hear from you! What a nice surprise. How long have you lived in Aberdeen, crikey that must be a cold city! and which word of mouth did you hear about MALAYSIANS, I'm intrigued.

-f-l-o- said...

The power of blogging has redefined the meaning of 'words of mouth'. Been in Aberdeen for over a year now and yes, it is freezing cold most of the time. Warmer winter though. I'll try to keep myself updated with your work. Currently my blog has limited access, otherwise we will get to know more about each other in no time.

I'm no photographer but I like playing with my digital camera, looking at angles perhaps none are normally not so interested in. :)

Feel free to have a look at my Flickr.

svllee said...

Thanks flo, your photos are impressive, like the innocent play series, makes one think more. You have been traveling I can see. So you are a seismic engineer, in the oil industry I presume ? That is an interesting line of work. Do you get to go out to the Hebrides?

-f-l-o- said...

No Hebrides yet, this coming Spring perhaps when it looks the best. :)

Nothing else brings someone like me to Aberdeen other than the job... and yes, it is in oil industry.

svllee said...

Hi Flo, I've only been as far north as Edinburgh and Dundee. If you ever come down south to London give me a shout. By the way, I've received some more stock of my book, so if you want to order, i can dedicate a copy to you!

Cakeater said...

Hi, Steven,
I'll never fail to visit the Shinjuku Nikon Salon on February 10. I interest in your photography so much.

svllee said...

Hello Cakeater, please I would be very happy if you can visit Shinjuku and take some photographs of the exhibition for me, as I cannot make it to Tokyo this time! I think its closed on the 10thFeb, please check the timetable.

-f-l-o- said...

Hi Steve,

That will be great! I stop by London all the time :), will give you a shout the next time I'm going there.

Or let me know when you plan to come up north!

P/s Oui sil vous plait! I'd love to have a copy of your collection. Thanks a lot.


svllee said...

Hi Flo, sure, looking forward to your order. You can either mail me a cheque or order online., whatever suits you. Cheers!

Sustena said...

Dear Steven, I went Shinjuku Nikon Salon yesterday.I'm very glad to meet your photoes.As the title shows,you are a stranger in the Kuala Lumpur.I feel quiet sorrow with the fact. Will you go back to your home town some day? Will the scenery remain as they were? Perhaps,no.Where we are going to go? Do we have the place we have to going back? I couldn't say good-bye to your photoes. Oh,they were very beautiful!