Friday, 4 January 2008

GRD 2 : Pocket Rocket !

I am astounded by the many visits to my blog recently from fellow GRD2 users in Japan, you are all very welcome! Konichiwa! I would love to hear your comments, even if English is not your first language. There seems to be such a great following over there of this little machine I nickname 'pocket rocket', that I have decidedly to delve a bit more into the capabilities of this little Ricoh.

I am continuously amazed by the little GRD2 which I have been using over the recent holidays, especially the in-camera black and white setting and the 1:1 square format. I love to photograph architecture up close in bright light, especially walking around London where so many fine Victorian buildings are built of stone and wrought iron. In black and white mode, the files remind me of a medium grain 35mm film like Neopan 400 which I use to photograph with a great deal with my Konica Hexar and Leica M6. Sadly, I sold the Hexar and the M6 sees very little light of day! I don't usually pixel peep (there are sites in the internet for these people!) but I would safely say that the GRD2 DNG files are similar, if not a tad better and cleaner in detail, resolution and tone gradation than 35mm film scanned from my Minolta Dimage Elite 5400. In black and white, that is. Colour files are close but noise is more evident.

The small size sensor produces noise in black and white like film grain when blown up and to all intent and purpose, say, for enlargements up to 13'' x 19'' its superb for a 10MP digicam!


zorro said...

Congratulations......we got lumped together in Roxanne's list.Have a good and productive 2008.

svllee said...

Hi Zorro, thanks for visiting. Wow, that photo of yours look remarkably good! ;-)

sustena said...

'Pocket Rocket!',what a suitable nickname! I love it very much.
And I really admire your 1:1 format photo.I'm so jealous! I wonder when I will be able to make a nice picture in that format.
By the way,I'm sorry that the system of my blog is so domestic that you cannot send a message in English.(Cakeater told me today.)Knowing that you'd tried to comment on my photoes,I'm very happy.Thank you!

svllee said...

Hello Sustena, You like Pocket Rocket! Thanks! I will continue to visit your blog to see your photos. Perhaps your 1:1 format photos soon!