Friday, 28 March 2008

Philip Jones Griffiths : R.I.P.

Battle of Saigon 1968 © Philip Jones Griffiths, Magnum

I just read in bjp-online that this renown British photo-journalist from Magnum died from a long battle with cancer last week. Battles, though, was what Jones Griffiths was famous for, especially his photographs of the Vietnam war which brought much condemnation and policy changes to the US war machine, which eventually caused a pull-out from the war. His photographs have also illustrated many stories about human suffering, war zones and current affairs.

Philip Jones Griffiths, photo © Graham Harrison
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Philips Jones Griffiths joined the prestigious Magnum photo agency in 1971 as a full member, and in the same year published Vietnam Inc, a book of his photographs captured from the war zones of Indochina. He became committed to Vietnam and Cambodia, making numerous visits there throughout his life and published two more books, Agent Orange (2003) and Vietnam At Peace (2005). May he rest in peace.

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