Monday, 17 March 2008

When Irish Eyes Are Smilin'

Bail ó Dhia is Mhuire duit!

Last Sunday, London's Trafalgar Square hosted a huge St Patrick's Day celebration, with contemporary Irish folk bands, dancers, Leprechauns, lots of things 'green', Guinness and beer..!

A parade of sorts, marching brass bands and vintage cars waddled down in the pouring rain and wind from Hyde Park Corner to Whitehall. Spectators lined the streets waving their arms at the participants of dancers Irish girls and mad rockers, clowns on stilts and Irish ladies. Because of the dismal weather, the crowds were smaller than usual but the Irish jollity, their love for merriment and friendliness always bring a smile to my face.

Sunday was also Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week, where Christians commemorate the entry into Jerusalem by Jesus on a donkey, or a colt being cheered by his few followers by waving palm leaves at him. Next Sunday is Easter Sunday, preceded by Good Friday, the holiest day in the Christian calendar.

Easter week comes early this year in March. According to the calendar, we will have to wait another 80 plus years before we have another March Easter!


Alvin Lim said...

aiya, i was away to Manchester. but it was raining right?

before reading ur blog, i didnt know st patrick's day is for irish :P

svllee said...

Hi ALvin, yes, St Patrick is the patron Saint for Ireland, St George for England and St David for Wales. Are you still cartooning much? Will popby your blog soon!

Cakeater said...

Good afternoon, Steven,
I love the picture of the dancers in green. The picture reminds me the steps of the dance in the video of the Celtic Women.
I am going to buy Guiness.
(It is 10 degrees and rainy in Tokyo.
But a few days ago the temperture of the Yamate street was beyond 25 degrees. There are lots of flowers in all of the Tokyo, now.)