Thursday, 13 March 2008

Will the real Bangsa Malaysians put their hands up!

Although this is not a political blog, it is a social one, and one cannot remain oblivious to the fact of the outcome of the recent Malaysian general elections have stoked much debate and opinions in local blogs. Politics affect everyone in all walks of life whether one likes it or not. With blogging, the voice of the individual can now be heard. Analysis and opinions are bandied about freely from every angle and that can only be a good thing for democracy.

When I traveled across Malaysia last year photographing a cross section of the citizens, I met people of all races, cultures and religions living peacefully side by side. Malaysia is so unique in that sense.

The very nature of politics, however is divisive. Its Us vs Them. Its Known v Unknown. Its Tested vs Untested. In Malaysia, political parties are communal in nature, not unlike Africa, where tribal politics thrive. Its not Right vs Left. The Barisan Rakyat (Peoples Movement) declaration initiated through The People's Parliament and several other platforms, and endorsed by the opposition parties is a start to end communal and race-based parties.

However, Malaysia is still a fledging nation, seemingly unwanting change in the real sense. Self-interest and power is what fails us every time. Prudent politics is governance for the greater good without leaving out the lesser, however this is not what I am seeing from over here. Perhaps my vision for a Bangsa Malaysia is only a pipe dream.


Alvin Lim said...

most people hate changes. they prefer to take a blanket and wrap around themselves for self-protection, oblivious about the things around them.

but i believe this time, this election...someone came over n pull the blanket away from them. thats why they are desperate to make a change. :)

let's hope for the best. all of us love malaysia. i reli hope the politicians can work together n improve the conditions in our country...not to fight with each others for power.

K. said...

I believe in Bangsa Malaysia. It might take ages for it to happen, but no reason to give up now.

vincent said...

I saw that book of yours in Popular the other day and absolutely loved it.

A bit too pricey, though.

svllee said...

Hi Alvin,

You are right. Most people dislike change. Change for the sake of change probably isn't good. But Change for the better should be applauded. Any change will surely affect everyone some positively and some negatively. That is the dilemma of politics. It is always for the greater good. Thanks for visiting!

Hello k,

Thanks for dropping by, appreciate it!

Hi Vincent,

Thanks also for dropping by, glad you like the book, the production costs is high hence the price reflects it somewhat,..and the retailers take a huge cut also,..sigh! It does however have over 500 pages though..!