Thursday, 25 October 2007

MALAYSIANS : Official Launch and Exhibition

Dear friends, the official launch of MALAYSIANS took place on Tuesday 23rd October at The Bijan Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, officiated by Her Royal Highness Raja Puan Besar of Perak, Tuanku Zara Salim. Despite the forecast of rain, it stayed dry and we had a successful event.

A 5-piece gamelan orchestra played soothing sounds in the background, whilst guests browsed and chatted amongst themselves.

Rachel, the subject of our 'cover' was hounded by the press photographers too, posing with the mock-cover of the book which was unveiled from a 'ketupat' casing by Tuanku Zara earlier.

All in all, we had about 100 guests including the media crew. Thanks to Selena of The Bijan for presenting the venue so well and producing a superb canapes menu. The honey calamansi juice was a treat!

I would sincerely like to thank all our guests, family and friends who came along to lend their support, and hope that you will enjoy the book as much as we have in producing it.

We have set up a small exhibition of photographs from the book, at the the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 24th to 28th (Sunday) October on Level 3, and Haliza and I will be present to meet visitors and sign books also. Margy my wife is helping out in manning the stand, bless her. Hope to see you there!


Tracy Tan said...

congrats again :)

zorro said...

Steven, everything was divine...from the gamelan music, and the canapes to the calamansi juice. Let me remind you that I still owe you Rm35.Marina's hubby Tara took a foto of Rachel and I and I will post it as the beauty and the beast.....someday.

Anonymous said...

So that girl is Rachel.
Gud Luck 2 U Steven !


Wen Sen said...

congratulations on your new book. You just proved to me that determination and hard work is the road to success. What does it feel to leave your previous job behind and pursue a photography career? I am indeed curious.

You have made Malaysia proud.

svllee said...

Dear Wen Sen,

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your visit. Be passionate about your work whatever it is, that is half-way there., and be unique.



WY said...

you re THE steven!?



we have another celebrity blogger!

svllee said...

Yes, I am me. Me Celebrity..? you must be joking..

Anonymous said...

The photo and the girl is beautiful. I can read the message from the cover. Will grab one copy when I come across it in the store. Congrats. v9

svllee said...

Thanks for popping by v9! and appreciate your support. What's the message?

Anonymous said...

When I stared at the cover picture...I was mermerised by a Mona Lisa mythic. When I looked again with Rachel holding it, I realised that many beautiful people in Malaysia are hidden and covered by an artificial lack of self expression and confidence. I actually believe that free expression is one way to lift up Malaysia. Hahaha...this might not be the message you intended to express. I do read your blog but did not comment lah. v9

svllee said...

Hi v9, I am glad you have mentioned the Mona Lisa analogy to Rachel's photo. There is a similarity in the 'un-smile' pose. She is completely natural and I told her not to smile actually if I remember correctly at the time.

Don't read too much into the 'sublime' message though although I share your view that there are many naturally beautiful people. Its only in advertising that models are glammed up to a western vision (even local tudung women advertising products are so made-up it becomes unnatural).

You will note that in my book, all the portraits are completely natural with direct eye-contact in 98% of them, I wanted to create a tension with the viewer as the eyes opens up ones personality, and I hope I have achieved it at least.

Thanks for sharing and please do come back.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I am not into sublime message. Yes, the direct eye approach is appealing. Will get my copy this weekend. Bye. v9