Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Get your wallpaper now!

I am pleased to say that the book is finally, finally with the printers which means really the end of the road for us in terms of changes, amendments and editing. Felt like a long time ago that we first put the images together after finishing the travel part back in May.

I spent some time today looking back at the files from the trips and discovered many 'non' people shots that I 'd really like, so I decided to put a few, nine to be precise, up as wallpapers to share with you, my readers! I sized them up for 1024 x 768 pixels seeing that 60% or so of visitors to the site have this screen size, (which means that 60% of you don't have a brilliant wide-screen
1440 x 900 pixels Apple iMac ! Hah!)

As I travelled through the country, especially in Penang, little things caught my eye, like the photo above of four pairs of hair clippers lined up in a row, ancient I mean, which barber still use these implements? They belong actually to a Hokkien gentlemen who runs the barber shop in Armenian Street. They red Brylcreem tub gives away the age of this establishment. Its really like walking back 30 years, here.

There are also a couple landscape photographs taken in the East Coast, a shot of the rising sun creeping up behind Mount Kinabalu which I think is rather stunning, a photo of a sleeping cat photographed a small 'keropok lekor'- manufacturing community off Terrenganu, and a colourful Thaipusam image which i like very much. Enjoy!

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