Friday, 12 October 2007


The weathergirl on NHK television says its fine for the weekend, so its fine. The temperature is still pleasant, around 22 - 24C during the day, and 18C at night. At least there is no rain forecast. Yesterday, Otsuka took me to the venue of the exhibition, and there was a team of personnel there setting up, measuring and banging nails into the panels. The gallery is quite large and they have sectioned off about 25 m for 20 of my framed pictures. They are also showing Hiroshi Watanabe's brilliant collection of portraits from an Ecuadorian mental hospital titled 'I See Angels Everyday'. Hiroshi lives in LA, and is the Grand Prize Winner.

This photo below shows Mitsuhiro Otsuka (L) (who represents the Civic Engagement Promotion Dept) who collected me from the airport and Kenji Mukasa from the Cultural and International Relations Division, who contacted me orginally.

I am to give a short 1 minute speech at the reception and award ceremony tomorrow when the City Mayor, Toshio Kayama will be present. Yikes! I'm not one for speeches, preferring pictures instead of words, but I think I'll get by. At least I am promised an interpreter. More later....

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Luz Osorio said...

Exhibition Looks Great!!
My next dog is gonna be called: Hachiko.