Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Japan in Widescreen Pt.4

Goodbye Tokyo, Hello Kitty!
I am posting this in Narita Airport, at the free Yahoo Cafe. I have no photos to post as I am using the cafe's terminals (Window's based). No coffee served but only PC stations overlooking the control tower of the airport. I got here in good time from Shibuya by the Airport Limousine coach service, which took slightly over an hour. Pickup was handled efficiently at the Cerulean Tower Hotel at 0810 am and arrived at the airport a little past 1000.
Yesterday, I visited the Tokyo Museum of Photography at Ebisu Gardens, a bit disappointed with the displays, but I managed to chat to a couple of Sisters of Mercy nuns promoting books and items from Mother Theresa's charity cause at the center. I then ventured on to Ginza and will post some pictures later.
On the way back on the subway, I heard some English words muttered in a Singaporean accent from a woman chatting next to me and asked if she was Singaporean, so I guessed right. (Hi Danielle and Shinji!) If you are a non-native speaker here in Japan, English words are unfiltered from your consciousness, and goes straight into your head. My ears are thus 'tuned in' to the English frequency all the time. My head was spinning a bit before, having spent a good hour in the loud-blaring, audio visual assault-filled BIC Camera store in Ginza. 7 floors of the latest high-tech plasma TVs, cameras, video and everything electric you can think of. Computers, PDAs, phones you name it its here or not invented yet. Oops, got to go, my gate beckons....

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Hello and it was good to have met you too. Congrats with your book launch & best of luck! cheers, D