Friday, 12 October 2007

Japan in Widescreen Pt.1

This is my first ever trip to Japan and although I wanted to blog about reason I am here, I cannot leave out the senses and taste in particular, when I am surrounded by new experiences, sights, sounds and smells. One thing's for sure, the Japanese are extremely polite and helpful. Now, there's something we Malaysians can learn from, especially in departmental stores. Do you know they have recycling bins in shopping centres, and airports, and the Japanese love vending machines, and the streets are spotlessly clean. I also love it when chauffeurs and taxis drives wear white gloves, its so formal and...nice. Now, why can't KL taxis, stop it..that would be a sight for sore eyes..

Its also a very contrasting country, like this photograph :

and this, I grabbed this (below) near the Hashimoto Railway Station in Sagamihara City, so practical to ferry school kids around in converted shopping trolleys. Now, why can't London, nevermind.

Now, I really like Japanese food. I am spoilt for choice here. Every corner, there's a sushi bar, or noodle house, and its actually quite cheap, compared to the UK. £2:00 to £5:00 buys you a bento box lunch or tempura set. Even 7 Eleven's sell bento sets and sushi, so one won't go hungry here.

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Luz Osorio said...

Thank you for sharing with us your Great Experiences in Japan!!I Loved the children trolley!!
Good Luck at the Award's night!!!